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The Kati Roll Shop

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#Just Roll One

Open Daily for Takeaway, Delivery & Pickup


Our Rolls

The concept of Kati Rolls is a Bengali one. West Bengal, a land which is a metaphorical melting pot of cultures, each of them has contributed immensely to the local street cuisines. One of Kolkata's most popular
street foods is The Kati Rolls. In Bengali, Kati means a wooden stick, traditionally these rolls are made from kebabs cooked on a coal grill on these sticks, but with the influx of the local Indo-Chinese cuisine these rolls started to venture from consisting of simply kebabs, to the Indo-Chinese dishes like crispy chilly baby corn, and spicy chicken manchurian. We have managed to incorporate a wide selection of items from across these cultures.



Enjoy an array of scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delectables whipped up by the culinary experts here. Don't settle for anything less for your special day when The Kati Roll Shop, Chennai, meet all your desires.

Our Catering

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